Lease Option Contract

It is my understanding that it is legal to use a contract you find online…or do you have to use an attorney? This is my first real deal and I’m not associated with an attorney yet. any help would be great! Thanks in advance!!

Kit :smiley:


Kit glad to meet you.

The key with any contract is to make sure it is state specific. Meaning that all states in the US have state statutes which are the law. So you can see that there will be many different requirements that could come into play.

I would start with a title company in your area, they are familiar with all different types of contracts and theirs would be within the confines of the state statutes. Just inform them if they can help you, then they will become your choice of title companies when the time comes to finance the property.

John $Cash$ Locke

;D Thank you John!! Very nice to meet you, too!
We do have a title company that we like…very perfessional…I am a little nervous about it being my first deal, but I feel very comfortable with the deal itself. Lots of negotiation went on. Thanks again ;D