Lease aggreement tips or sample

We are located in Maine. Can anyone give us some tips, or maybe give some links where we could find tips/samples of lease aggreements for our 3-unit and a 10-unit? Thanks! has a free lease that you can upload. its what i use in my properties.

Get one from your local real estate association or real estate agent. The freebies on the Internet are usually not state specific and not updated as often as they should be.

bll- you’re right, the one at is not state specific, but it is fairly comprehensive, and has served me well.

It’s OK for a base. Too bad it has some illegal clauses depending on the state.

I’ll have to look into that…thanks for the heads up.

Thanks for the advice! Can you give me a few examples of illegal clauses? I am sure I would catch something like “Are you gay?” but what are the ones that are hard to detect?

The late fee clause and security deposit deductions in the lease are illegal in some states. It isn’t a bad choice if a local attorney or LL expert reviews it and makes changes that make it compatible with state law.

Just FYI:
“Are you gay?” Isn’t illegal in most places. :shocked