Learning by being a bird dog.

Does anyone have any info on acting as a bird dog? I am thinking about doing this to get my feet wet and add some extra cash to the investment pool.
I plan on doing this primarily in the San Antonio metro area.
Any ideas, comments, or suggestions?

Since you asked, I’ll plug John’s course. The link is…

I’ve not seen any other info on being a bird dog. Another avenue would be to study up on wholesaling and rehabbing. Any of those skills will only make you a stronger player and provide you with important knowledge as to what you’re end buyer wants.

I think it’s a great way to get your feet wet. I’d join the San Antonio club and begin networking. You’ll find plenty of folks that would appreciate a good bird dog.

Also, you can post in the I Have / I Want forum like Juliet just did in hopes that some San Antonio folks will find you.

Hope that helps…

There’s a club in SA?

I haven’t heard about one, but then I am new, so that’s not a big surprize. Do you know of a contact # for the SA club? Or a website?

Thanks for all the advice as I continue my adventures in trying to learn this field.


Yes, there is. I apparently didn’t bring their info over when I switched formats in November. The info is up now…


Sorry… :oops:

Bird dogs and REI Clubs are a great combination; “A match made in heaven”. You get both parts of the equation filled under one roof; a bird-dog and a seasoned investor.

 By starting out as a bird-dog, you can learn this business without having to put out $$$ (you get paid) and without the liability incurred in any real estate deal. You just find the deal, turn it over to the investor and walk away with a check.

 As Tim said, check out John's Bird-dog course.

Best of luck

John (LV)

A bird-dogger just showed up at our REI club with the following:

  • business card
  • attractive cover page
  • information sheet (“I’ll bring deals to you…”)
  • fax sheet (“let me know what kind of deals you’re looking for”)
  • contractor/investor contract

I just called him yesterday - we’ll see how he works out.

David G.

Hi Mike,

I started out Bird Dogging for an investor. I learned all I needed to know to graduate to the next level of being a wholesaler. Now you don’t have to go from Bird Dogging to Wholesaling. You can bird dog all different kinds of deals. It all depends upon what your investor is looking for.

I always advise people who are getting started with limited resources to start out as a bird dog until they know the ropes.

yes i have a few investors here in the houston area, but most of them are being very bland on sharing information, therefore i am cutting off all investors that fail to share contract information.