Would any pay for this? The thing I see wrong is that If i buy 10 leads $1000 up front. What happens if nonoe are good. I loose 1k

As an Abstracting company, We have the opportunity to be in front of the pre-foreclosures procedures, land contracts recording, etc…

We get over 100 + pre-foreclosures searches per month. Meaning, these are the houses going to foreclosure. These houses are not yet available to the public.
So you have a change to work your magic.

Our Real Estate Finders Fee is $500 per lead. We required $100 down for each lead and the balance of $400 pay after our leads have closed with you.

We will provide you the following Portfolio:

1- 30 yrs Title Search
a. Shows all open mortgages
b. Taxes
c. Land Values
d. Judgments
e. Liens
f. UCC
g. The foreclosure complaint filed after three weeks from the search.
h. Land Contracts, etc…

2.- CMA
a. Houses that have sold in the past 6 months
b. The Land Values for the houses next door, front, and back.

3.- 30% Profit Margin Evaluation
a. A evaluation report is sent to you with the open mortgage amount owe
b. The Appraised estimate value of the property.

I sure wouldn’t pay for it. It shouldn’t be that hard to find “leads” without paying $100 non-refundable each.

Just keep in mind that … you will be taking a chance because there is no guarantee that the homeowner will deal with you even if you contact the before the NOD. it may be cheaper in the long run to wait for the Notice of Default to be filed. Use the $1000 for you marketing and postage! you will get a better return!


researching at the courthouse, or doing on the online webiste might be a better alternative.