Lead Paint in large 2 family

We rent to young professionals in a liberal college area.

I suspect there is lead paint. I replaced all the sash windows with PVC.

Has anyone had an issue with anyone making a claim regarding lead paint?

Is it something that should be a concern? Abatement is simply too expensive.


Those young professionals aren’t going to eat the paint - are they? If the house hasn’t been painted since 1979, paint it (aka “encapsulating,” in lead abatement circles). If this rental is like most and has been painted a million times since 1979 (and the paint is in good condition)
and there are no children under 6, forget about it!

Good Luck,


I believe there is a Federal law that landlords must have tenants sign the “Disclosure of Information on Lead-Based Paint…” form.

We staple this to our rental contracts and keep the “Lead-Based Booklet” in the information binder at each house.


yes removing lead based paint is EXPENSIVE

you basically just have to disclose it.

I give them the Lead Paint Pamphlet and make them sign the Disclosure, both are available at our local Board of Realtors for a buck each. herbster

This is a state issue. Some states will require abatement and won’t allow you access to the court system if you don’t have proper lead certificates. Others only require abatement if children under 6 will live in the unit. Some only require disclosure. There are a few that offer limited lead paint damages under some circumstances.

Don’t do anything unless you have to, but know what is required in your state. The time to learn is not after you have been sued.

Thanks. As we are repainting one of the apts. we’ll look into costing the encapsulation.

Here is some info on lead-based paint from the Chicago Housing Choice (Section 8) program here in Chicago… seems relavent.


…and by relavent, I mean relevant. :banghead

It cost us $250 to have a company come in and scrape some samples then provide a report.