Lead Generating Software - Does it work?

I am new to REI and wholesaling specifically. (I have yet to do my first deal)

I have signed up, with my email address, at every web site giving out free advice and information, to learn as much as I possibly can. I also bought Preston Ely’s wholesaling course.

Ultimately, these sites and gurus want to sell their “help material” or “system” or “program” so that I can earn much more than I possibly could if I didn’t have it.

I am overwhelmed with all the stuff out there and I get approximately 50 email a day from these “gurus” who wants to sell me their programs and system, most of them being extremely expensive.

My question is, does anyone know if these lead generating programs work? Some claim to be able to do everything for you, from locating deals, to locating buyers, and closing the deals. Are they really worth the money? I want to get into this business to make money but it seems impossible if I don’t spend alot of money first, money that I actually don’t have.

I appreciate your help and responses in this matter!

They are informational. Majority of the gurus will tell you of part of the way their business works because they are trying to carve a niche and sell their product.

The information is good at times, but it is just that. information about how they are doing it now that they are successful. You have to figure out how to make it all work for you.

if you like, grab them off of ebay but don’t pay more than a $100 for any of them. Gurus went crazy with course prices, much more than they are worth.

One question I have is: Are you implementing what these “gurus” teach you?

If you purchased their info, are you taking action and doing what they tell you?

Is it working?

Have you asked them for help?

If you answered No to all the questions above, then get a REFUND. They should have a refund policy! I usually don’t ask for refunds unless the information really sucks and does not work as they advertise. Never had a problem with my refund either… A refund will send a red flag and let them know that you’re not satisfied. If they cared enough, then they will ask you what the problem was and try to give you solutions before giving your money back, if they just give it back with no question, then they probably don’t care too much about you or the “lost sale” and in that case, you’ll at least get your money back.

You should probably have all those emails go to another inbox, or you’ll be in the job of reading who has the best stuff all day, instead of getting the leads you want and doing deals! Trust me, I got stuck in that phase… Get Focused Fast!