Lead company

Has anybody here used Fast Home Offers before?
Where their leads any good?

I’ve used similar services before and got rid of them. You pay about $35 to $70 per lead depending on the city you’re in. The lead quality is not guaranteed. You pay for any lead from your county even if they are asking full market value. These services do not attempt in any way, shape, or form to prescreen any prospects.

Basically you are paying them to run pay per click campaigns on your behalf and charging you X number of times the amount it cost them.

Will it be worth the money? if you have no other way to generate leads, go for it. If you have more effective form of marketing, then double that effort.

$35 for one lead :shocked

I don’t know that I would pay $35 for a lead without knowing 100% that its exclusive, which as far as I know no one can gaurentee, even the ones that fill out my seller form go to other sites as well. Personaly I wouldn’t pay that just for a lead.