Lead Based Paint

Does anyone know how to obtain addresses of homes that have orders to remove lead based paint? I talked to the Board of Health and they were more than willing to cooperate with me in discussing that there are actually hundreds of abandoned homes in my area with lead orders on them and will work with me on getting them cleaned. However they would not give me the addresses because of privacy laws. Does anyone know how to find these homes? I have thought about getting in contact with the sherriff’s department to see if they keep a list of abandoned homes but have not heard back from them yet. Anyone else have another avenue to try?


It’s a public record in my state. Also, you may be able to check BOH activity for a property on the city’s web site.

So then would the order for removal show up at the recorder’s office or some other office?

I have access to two sources. The first is the board of health records concerning the property. The second is a public database with results of every residential lead paint test. Another option is to search LL/Tenant court records for cases involving lead paint.

Thanks BLL,

I will try again at the Board of Health. In regards to the database, where is it in your state? Under what department.



I’m not aware of any state list of orders to remove lead paint in Ohio. In fact, lead paint is not illegal. Hud requirements (for Section 8) are that lead based paint be encapsulated, not removed. Do you have a specific concern about lead paint? Are you planning to completely remove lead paint from the houses you buy?