Lead Based Paint

How expensive and what is the most comon process used for taking care of lead based paint… I have seen several HUD home for sale and most state they have lead based paint… I dont have any exact perticulars just looking for general knowlege on the subject…

Thanks a Alot

Howdy NewtoREI:

Usually the lead based paint is not a big factor. If the paint is peeling on the exterior and is a major scrape job your paint contractor should use drop clothes to protect the ground and wear protective gear. They must dispose of the chips properly as well.

Interior is generally not that big of a concern. If it has not been done previously you will need to cover the paint with an oil base primer and paint with latex or oil paint to cover the lead. The same treatment applies for major striping, sanding etc of the interior.

Be sure that prospective tenants, buyers get a lead base paint booklet.

In our area, lead based paint is becoming a bigger deal. Our city requires certain measures taken when dealing with lead paint (prior to 1978). And, for good reason…it is very toxic and harmful. I know a painting contractor who almost got into big problems when a neighbor’s dog ate some paint chips and almost died. Very toxic to children or people with health problems. I get concerned with workers who are sanding and might have some underlying health problem. I make them wear respirators instead of just masks. Once the sanding and cleanup is done, then from there on it is a breeze.

Do the precautions…drape with plastic, use masks/respirators, put up signs (if required)…etc.

Don’t let it stop you from doing a deal, but just use precaution.

Thanks for ring in on this for me… It dosen’t sound like a huge problem now, just something to be careful with…