lead based paint disclosure necessary in SS packet?

do you guys include a lead based paint disclosure in your short sale packets? this is part of the realtors documents so should i omitt it from mine?


What’s the harm in including it? If it is part of the contract I would suggest to defintely include it. I am an agent in PA- her Buyer and Seller must sign the lead based paint disclosure.

When in doubt use it. My local Board of Realtors sells it for a buck. The Pamphlet for a buck to. Herbster

A lead-based paint disclosure is not necessary for a short sale package. I say it is better to keep you package as concise as possible.

By all means have the current homeowner complete the disclosure and keep it in your files for closing, but the bank does not need it to approve a sale.

Have it signed and complete but don’t send it to the lender, the less they need to look at the better. I don’t include it…