lead base paint

what is it with the lead based paint? do i have to correct this before i flip it or what is the deal with that?

Howdy Scott:

Properties built prior to 1978 I believe have lead based paint. Old paint that is chipping and pealing should be handled by professional painters that know the proper procedure. This is not something that you need to do prior to flipping but you do need to know the buyer may have some serious painting and clean up to do and may back out because of the contamination potential. There are also ways to prime over it and seal it if it is not blistering etc. This would be less expensive than removal of course even still costly.

There are more posts here about LBP and you can also learn more at several govt. websites.


lead based paint causes health problems that affect the brain. So if you have a buyer that has children, most likely he/she will back out since children and todlers are more prone to putting things in their mouth…like paint chips…
As tedjr stated, the removal should be handled by proffesional painters.

You’re also required to disclose to potential buyers and tenants that there may be lead-based paint in the property.


There is a good chance that the home built '78 and prior may contain lead base paint. that in its self is not the real hazard. As others have stated if the paint is in poor condition and not a uniform/unified surface, that is where the problems come about. You MUST give the standard notice to the seller and the buyer to fill out. and the buyer has a ten day period to have the property assessed/inspected for lead. The owner, in OHIO, has the right to do nothing but make the buyer aware of the presence of lead if know and to allow the buyer the right to have an inspection if they desire.It is not the end of the world and if done correctly will help prevent elevated blood lead levels, (EBL’s) in children ages six years and under. As Martha would say “its a good thing”.