Laws on Water Supply

I pay for the water for my rental (triplex). New tenant and suddenly the water is doubled 15,000 gallons a DAY!!!..the highest ever. My guess is that the child in the apartment left the hose on outside. As a landlord, do I have to provide outside water? Anyone have a link to landlord laws?

remove the handles to the hose bibs if you think this is the source of the problem. If questioned, I would state the outside hose bibs are for “maintenance only” (note, I do not permit car washing on my properties). At the very worst, it would be consider an “amenity” (i.e. not required for habitability) and if really, really pushed then drop the rent by $5/mn to compensate for the loss of this amenity.

also, I would notify the tenant IN WRITING the situation with the water and its not acceptable. Hopefully, you have a good lease, but even if you don’t, I think this would fall under the category of “abusive use of utilities provided by the leasor”.