Last minute help with my Yellow Letter campaign.

Looking for some last minute help here. I am just about to put out my first Yellow Letter campaign. I have two lists (free and clear and absentee)

I have mailed to these lists before and the response was decent but I didn’t pull any deals. I am going to start small and test this before I go nuts with several thousand at a time. I really need to get this right. :help

WHat is the minimum you would send out to get an accurate reading? I was thinking 300 to each list. Then I would tweak it as needed.

Also, what is the magic behind the red ink pen? This would complicate my printing of the letters as I need a color copier. Can I just use the red on the envelope or should the letter match the address on the outside? Would black be ok? Am I asking to many questions?

Here is my letter. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I have not printed them yet…


My name is Ryan and I am looking to buy a house in the Hartford area. I noticed you are the owner of a house I am interested in.

If you are thinking of selling please call me so we can talk about it. I can pay cash and close fast.

(860) 555-5555

PS Please call me today. I am looking to buy very soon.

This is hand written on yellow lined paper in black ink.

i just started my yellow letter campaign, i’m looking for lease options, so i sent to all houses on the market for 3+ months.

So far i’ve sent out 60 letters (all handwritten with red ink on yellow paper), and i’ve got about 15 responses, and 4 possible deals for lease option.

Now I have NO idea whether the handwritten is better than just printed, but who knows… with this type of response rate i don’t mind spending 30min a day to get out 20 letters a day.

Dear (enter name here),

My name is (enter name),

And I would like to


Your house at (enter address)

Please call me at (enter phone number)

(Enter name)

Red ink is better…

Create your letter on a white piece of paper using a lined piece as a line template. Then scan it and change the font color to red. Or use red originally.

If you have Microsoft publisher use it to create a lined piece of paper. Once you do input the scan as a background picture. Add the second page as the back and start printing. This requires a two color printer. Not colored copier. If you don’t have a two sided printer print the blank side in advance.

If you care too, leave space to make the letter personalized. If not write dear homeowner.

Its a little work however can be accomplished with great results. Also use ivory invitation envelopes…

Hey thanks guys. I wish I would have read this before I printed up 300 letters last night. I think they look great except I used black ink and the letter is not personalized. :banghead

Not sure if I should start over with this one or just use red on the next batch. I will use red ink on the envelopes as I am hand writing them.

In regards to the envelopes… Are you refering to the small invitation enelopes? I would have to quarter fold the letter?

Yes They are referred to as A6. the true quarter fold envelopes are available at places like office depot or office max however the paper isnt as easy to fit into them. A6 are available at printer supply paper companies. Most large citys will have one or two if not then Google “Paper Plus” and call themand have them shipped. The envelopes arent on their website… Price is about half of the quarter fold at the chain stores.

Good luck

Michael, your posts are extremely helpful as always. I will pick up some of these envelopes asap. For this mailing I am using standard #10 envelopes. Do you use red when addressing the envelope as well? I noticed in one of your posts you had a red letter and did the address in black…

Next question… What is the best day for your mailing to hit??? I have read that Tuesday is the lightest mail day so it wont get lost in the shuffle. I’m trying to use every advantage I can here. I am working on these right now! :cool

I like red as well. However as soon as I can find a red laser jet printer or someone who will load red then I am set and I will switch over. For the small jobs use a red pen.

The font I like the best for the envelopes is Cheyenne Bold just do a google for it and load it into your computer.

And your second mail you would use a number 10 envelope…

As for day to put mail in the mail. Try and stay away from thursdays and fridays those are the days for weekend mail. However just mail.

Just wanted to give an update on my mailing. Last night I dropped off 300 pieces to my post office. The letter was sent as I posted above. I used a first class stamp and mailed to my absentee owner list. It is 8:30 now and the calls are just starting to slow down. I received 18 calls in the past five hours. :shocked

I’m really surprised these letters got out so fast. I think there will be quite a few calls tomorrow as well.

Out of the 18 calls, two people are actually interested in selling their house and want me to come look at it. A few people called out of curiosity and politely asked to be removed from my list. The rest of the callers (most) were down right pissed off… :evil

I have delt with angry callers before but man these people seemed to be unusually irate. They were calling one after another. I think 5 threatened to call the cops on me. :rolleyes

Any advice on this? Was it something I said in the letter? I handled them very politely right down to the phone slamming in my ear.

Oh well, off to research these two leads… :cool

I have not tried this yet, but I know this is a good resource to get everything listed. I mean people are utilizing this for more better prospective.

Thanks and pleasure reading your post.