Larry Goins Vs Mike Collins

I’m trying to decide who’s product would be the better investment. Obviously, I’m a newbie at investing, and figure wholesaling would be a good start. I do like Larry 's stuff, but I like Mike’s too. Just don’t feel like wasting money if they’re both saying the same thing. Anyone have any opinions on these products?

I use Steve Cooks wholesaling course and methods. Worth their weight in gold.


I have Larry’s course and website. I’ve heard both Larry and Mike on teleconferences and Larry gives much more useful information in my opinion. I think it’s indicative of what each person’s course would provide so I’d have to recommend Larry’s course.

Have you used both courses? Steves and Larry Goins.

I would recommend going to ebay and looking for wholesaling courses, I bought venas course from their and it was not a bad course

I agree with Eric ebay is a good place to buy courses. I saddens me to see that there are some people that repoduce these courses though. Vena’s is a good course.

I vote for Steve Cook’s course.

Have also heard lots of good things about Vena.

Steph :cool