Large or Small realty company?

Just wondering as i try to assemble my “team” what everyones thoughts were on a realty company. Does a larger or smaller one fit your needs? Large not personal enough, small not enough resources?

Thanks for any input, if this was covered already, i apologize and link me if possible.

Dave :wink:


My personal prefence when making a big vs small choice is always this: Find the smallest office of the largest franchise in the area. That way you get the benefits of dealing with a small office and the resources of the big firm.

This is an interesting topic because I’m considering moving from a very large franchise to a startup. The franchise is successful in the northeast, but is not known in other parts of the U.S.

I don’t think my referral base would really care, but would like opinions on what investors think.

Keller Williams is an “unknown”? Hmmm nice to know that.

Not sure which post is saying KW is unknown. I was saying I am considering moving from a large franchise (as in…I am with them now) TO an unknown.

It doesn’t make the slightest bit of difference how big or small the realty company is. What does matter is how motivated the agent is; the contacts she has; and access to the MLS. Finding a good agent is the key.


It really doesn’t matter too much on the company as much as it depends on the agent. I currently work for one of the biggest brokerages in the country and there is a large number of agents ranging from the top dogs who know their markets and numbers to the mediocre. As an example one lady in my office has been doing it for three years and has closed 1 mobile home deal, and netted about $400 dollars.

Anyway the point is this; brokerages hire people who are going to make them money, not people who are knowledgable. Find a knowledgable Realtor and the company they work for shouldn’t matter.