Lanlord/tenant rights in NJ

Does a landlord in NJ have a right to ask his tenant to move out just because he wants him out?!
The tenant has been in place for 2 years however does not have a lease, only cancelled checks to prove that he has been living there.
What are the tenant’s right vs landlord? Can anyone recommend a knowledgeable attorney for this matter?! :argue

That probably could be considered a verbal month-to-month lease. A lot of places just require 30 day written notice of lease termination for m2m leases. On the left side of your screen, look under “Investor Resources” and click on “State Property Codes.” Look for NJ codes. The link may or may not work. Otherwise, just search on the internet for your state’s landlord/tenant laws. You should be able to find them pretty easily. It should tell you the requirements for terminating leases of different lengths. As long as you give the required notice, it should not be a problem.
jmd_forest on here is from NJ. You can send him a private message and see what he thinks.

I only use a 1 year lease and will only renew with a 1 year lease. So … I don’t “know” the specifics of terminating a verbal lease. However, unless there is a verbal commitment otherwise I don’t see how the lease could be considered anything other than a month to month lease and I “recall” they can be terminated with 45 days written notice.

2 things I’d do:

  1. Try to work things out in a friendly manner with the tenant. If friendly is not possible, it might cost less to pay them to leave rather than evict them.

  2. Find a good REAL ESTATE attorney. Easiest way might be to check the website of your local RE Investment Club for vendors/sponsors. In South Jersey it is South Jersey Investors at

Thank you both for your valuable feedbacks

Yes, landlord can say to their tenant to vacant home by following some rules. Landlord have to give prior notice with some valid and genuine reason so that tenant can find another landlord.