Has anyone used They sell lists of FSBOs in all areas of the country. The site is recommended in Barry Grimes book on birddogging. Just wondering if this is a good deal or not. Thanks, Mike

They are a new name but an old company. They used to be called Warnocksbyowner. I think it is a lot of money for something you can do yourself. And most people are on the do not call registry. Also they are only taking names from your local paper and advertisements.
I think you could do just as well on your own.
Just my two cents. Good Luck

Land voice (formally Warnock’s By Owner) is a great source for leads! I have used them for years. First of all, I don’t want to spend hours each day sorting through the papers trying to figure out which leads I’ve worked and which ones are new. They do the sorting for me. They send only the brand new leads each day! Secondly, they give me access to a database that goes back at least 6 months; that allows me to completely tweak my search. I can search by price, area, city, etc. It saves me hours of time and frustration. Thirdly, they search all sources in my area, newspaper, magazines and the web. I don’t have time for that! Yea, they let you know who is on the Do-Not-Call list, but that doesn’t apply to me; I’m an investor wanting to purchase the property and they are advertising to sell. The DNC list DOES NOT APPLY TO BUYERS, only realtors and mortgage brokers trying to solicit service! Best of all, when I want to check out property in another state, I just temporarily change my areas. At $39.00 a month, is Landvoice worth the money? I say YES! Once you try them, you will have a hard time picking up the paper again! Highly recommended!

Landvoice is my dads business and i have seen it help so many people. It is a great service and can help all over the U>S> :slight_smile: I hope that everybody can use this service.