Landscapers economic indicators

Just talked to my landscaper today. He said things are REALLY slowing down. He advertizes every year right around now, runs the ad for 1 weekend looking for landscape laborers. He usually gets 10 calls, this year 60 calls. And these guys are willing to work for less money.

This is the bottom rung here. These are mainly immigrants working for $10/hr. I just thought this was interesting.

I lease a used car dealership to a tenant. His business is picking up big time. I actually owned and ran that dealership for a number of years. I have found NO BETTER economic indicator than the used car business. If it’s busy the economy sucks. If business stinks the economy is flying high.

Guess it’s location. I own a landscape company here in La., and things are carzy busy. Can’t find enough help. I’m offering salary with company truck they can take home and it’s still hard to find help, starting at over $12.00/hour for laborers.

It is a very slow down here.The grounds maintainance is steady because it needs cut but design and install is way down