I have a two family located in Massachusetts. My tenant moved out on May 1, however they have left a trailor and truck in my driveway. He has come by and taken the trailor a few times to do some landscaping jobs, but then he parks it back on my property.
I stopped by there new condo this saturday and told them to remove there stuff from my property and the wife said she would, but I dont believe her.
I know there condo association is not going to let her park this eye sore in the parking lot.
Does anybody know what steps I need to go through before I can have it toed or have it all just dissapear?



sounds like an abandoned vehicle on your property to me. Send them a letter, certified return receipt, requesting that they move it and give them a deadline. If they don’t, tow it.

Well you can do that to be nice, but I think technically it’s your property and they’re trespassing. I think it’s pretty easy to call up a tow truck company and have them tow it out of your property. I don’t think they charge you, they just hit the tenant. Just call them and tell them you have a standing order with the tow truck company to tow anyone out of that driveway. You should also post a sign with the tow truck company’s number.

We had the same situation. A tenant parked a trailer on one of our properties and left it there when we evicted them. Two weeks later it was still there! I don’t know what the laws are in your state for abandoned property usualy it has to be left unattended for a specific period of time, the time period varies by state, your police department will know. We contacted the police in Michigan and completed a report over the phone. They told us to call back in a week if it was still there. When we called back we had to talk to person responsible for abandoned vehicles in the district in which our property is located. The police went to the property the same day and towed it at no cost to us and issued a ticket to the owner of the trailer. Good luck. I know it can be pretty frustrating. We were frustrated but everything worked out well.


Send the certified letter stating you are going to have it towed away at their expense on xyz…date If they don’t comply…follow through. There should of been something in the lease that talks about abandoned property. I would sell it even if your covered in the lease and keep the money if they don’t remove it

Hi again

Thanks for all your responses. I actually stopped by there condo last Saturday. I spoke with her through the intercom system and pretty much ripped her a new one. Needless to say it was off my property by Sunday night.
Although I felt great after talking to her, I did feel a bit guilty so a thank you card did go out yeterday.