Landlord's lien for rent - MHP

Does anyone have an idea of where to get a copy of a Landlord’s lien for rent form - or does anyone have a copy of verbage used in it?

I closed a MHP 1 1/2 months ago… and find myself with 2 deserted Mobile Homes. This has been quite an education - Any suggestions/information is much appreciated. Thank you!

You might try or Ebay and purchase a CD that contains a compendium of legal forms. You will no doubt need other forms in one of those offerings. Most realtors (in CA they subscribe to a service) have access to a whole slew of legal forms so perhaps you could befriend one of them. Ebay has many offerings under $10 under LEGAL FORMS CD.

Howdy Pat:

I sent you a copy of a lien. You may just want to clean the place out and rent it. If the property has been abandoned you are required to keep in safe place for 30 days. If it is just trash you can toss it. You may want to send a certified letter to notice them that the property is considered abandoned and will be help for 30 days and then sold for past due rent. There are some Texas statutes about abandoned property and posting notice before taking possession of the rental unit. A certain method of posting and a certain time. I forget it all at the moment.

In Texas you can not place a lien on the tenants items if it is not bold or underlined in the lease letting the tenant know that you have that right. Read your lease it may have info about abandoned property as well.

If it were me I would not do the lien thing but treat it as abandoned and sweep the place out and place a for rent sign in the window. Keep any of the junk they may consider a treasure and dispose of the rest. Most tenants I have dealt with that would abandon all their belongs had nothing to start with and went dumpster diving when they moved in and will do the same at their new abode.