Landlording in a tough neighborhood

Any thoughts or opinions on owning/renting/managing a 3 family rental in a rough neighborhood. Nothing too serious - maybe some drugs in the area, but nothing like a war zone - just rough.

The numbers seem great on these properties - I just don’t know how I feel about being a slum lord?

Any thoughts?

Folks in here say that if it’s not too bad (like if you can still go there unarmed and make repairs), some of the best returns can come out of these areas.

I know that TedJr has had to clean out some ‘problem children’…I’m sure that he will chime in here, too.


I’ve rehabbed several in “rough” neighborhoods, and got my biggest returns there.

The funniest story I’ve read regarding landlording in a tough neighborhood was about a man who had a license to carry. He would buy a building, and show the busy-body of the building/neighborhood his license (never the gun). He knew full-well this person would tell the world the new owner/landlord carried and he’s a firm believer all buildings/neighborhoods have a busy-body. Half of the problems moved out of his buildings on their own.

I took lessons to shoot - and when I was done with my first session, I was called into the back room and told that I was the only person in the group who finished the classes they wouldn’t sell a gun to ;D Apparenly I’m not a great shot.

Lesson for me – I will not own a house in a neighborhood I do not feel comfortable working on the house myself in – but I don’t scare easily, so this is freaking my husband out a bit. I do, however, take my dog with me during rehab – he’s a Doberman :-X He seems to scare everyone – and he’s a big baby.