landlord wont fix anything,trying to evict us and charging late charges

Re: can landlord just show up and throw you out ?
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I know I am having a problem with my newly landlord… He will not fix anything: says it is in his lease or if he does fix it:electric,water, etc he charges you full price for it. When he does charge you for it , he charges you the fix fee, late charges(10.00 a day)and if you do not pay for this he wants you out. The deposit was suppose to be paid out over a year,which is a 1,000 and he is charging us 10.00 a day for not paying it the way he wants. He called last night and wanted the rent*which is due on the 1st of each month and said if he wanted the rent I told him it is not the first… He knows I go to school and I get a little left over from my pell grant for my books and he expects me to give it to him. He wil not fix anything in this house and we are suppose to buy it as is in 2 years, rent only for the first 2 years to establish credit. That is even stated in our lease and he refuses to give me a copy of my lease. So what do I do. When I send him the rent I am sending a letter of the things that need to be fixed: there is not hot water heater,wires in the lights that hang and such and I am sending it certified. But I am afraid He will evict us over it and I am on disability. What do I do.


The house was in bad shape before you moved in. You should have kept looking. But because you accepted the house and moved in you know you can’t live in there for free. You have to pay. If you pay him you can sue for the house not being habitable. But if you don’t pay you have to get out.

Why do you want to stay if he is a jerk anyway?

IF (and that’s a big IF) what you say is true, then your landlord is an IDIOT! He clearly doesn’t understand the law or the rental business. In most states, you must provide a rental that is habitable. Without a water heater, the house is not habitable. I would suggest that you go to the local municipal court and see if you are allowed to pay the rent directly to the court. The court will hold the rent until the property is fixed.

On the other hand, this entire problem is self-inflicted. Why in the world would you move into a place with no water heater, improper electric, etc.? That was just plain dumb and is your fault. You obviously thought this was a good deal when you moved in and have now changed your mind. So, who’s really to blame here? I’d say that you both are just about clueless and deserve the misery you’re causing each other!

You are supposed to buy the house in 2 years. You state so. That means you are a rent to own or a lease option. In those contracts, the buyer, and that means you, always pays for repairs.

No kidding, he expects you to pay the rent, and yes, indeed, every landlord charges late fees when you don’t pay the rent on time.

You very clearly can not afford the house. Pack up your stuff and find a place that’s cheaper and will leave you something left over after the rent is paid so you have something to live on.

You are the problem, deal.

Go online and search for any tenant advocacy groups in your area. They can give you advice specific to the laws in your area. If that fails you can always consult a real estate attorney. That will probably cost a couple hundred bucks but may save you money and headaches in the long run.

And next time you sign a legal document demand a copy immediately.

Good luck.