landlord service call forms

Does anyone have forms they would be willing to share or advise me on for the following:

  1. service call request form to give tenants to send in with rent payment or individually to notify me of needed repairs, including safety concerns.

  2. service call log to record all the service calls i’m doing, so no one can claim later that i let anything go.

or any other info/forms relating to this subject would be incredibly helpful.



okay, I got absolutely no help on this one, so either everyone needs this or everyone thinks it’s too dumb to reply too. Anyway, I got crazy and made my own, so if anyone does need similar forms, let me know and I’ll forward mine onto you.


I was reading your first post, and I was thinking to myself that you can make those forms up yourself. There shouldn’t be any reason to include any legal statement on the bottom.

The only thing I would do it to place the usage procedure in your lease agreement. If you do not have a lease or in the middle of their lease, what I would do is send the form to them via certified mail.

Included would be a letter stating that they are responsible to fill out this form when repairs that do not require immediate attention have to be done and send it in with their monthly payment. However if there are repairs that need immediate attention it is the responsibility of the tennant to contact the owner immediately via phone and include your contact number.

The only problem that I see is that you are going to give that form and something major is going to go wrong and you will not find out until the beginning of the month. You need to make sure that they have to contact you is something major is going on.


I had to rush through this.