Landlord problems

I am leasing a spot for my auto store and the landlord is a schmuck. He has 3 tenants and all three of us hate him. He scares away all new potential clients and lures people in with the dream of owning your own business and tell you that you dont need this or that to be able to do business. Then people give him a deposit and then start their build-outs and the city will put a stop on it saying you need all kids of things to be up to code. Then the owner will say “thats your fault” and keeps your deposit if you decide not to follow the codes and leave.

He is such a penny pincher and will have a family member clean the hallways, then creates a bill and says this is how much you owe me.

Also, he bills us ONCE a year for utilities and when he gets us the bill, he hands over a 4500.00 bill and says…“pay me.”

So I pay him, and after a couple times, i got sick of it and found out that he`hasnt been paying the utilites at all and has made 1 payment since hes owned it for 3 years. he lets it roll and run and just keeps the tenants money.

Well, in our janky lease he wrote us, it says something like “breach of contract happens if the landlord doesnt keep up with the bills”

I need some advice, I have over 2 years and 150k invested into this place that I no longer wish to stay at…

Seek the advice of an attorney, they’ll be able to decipher any language in the contract that will allow you to exit the lease. Can you sublease, perhaps you can have the landlord assign your leasehold to another tenant? Remember, when it comes to business, keep your friends close and your enemies closer! Good Luck