Landlord Policy

Can anyone recommend companies that I can buy a landlord policy when the insurance company won’t switch to one?

I have my insurance with a smaller company. I changed companies but both wrote the same name insurance…Germania. One agent jerked me around the other bends over backwards to cover my houses…because of this I insure ALL of my property with this agent. Good for him good for me (it’s also cheaper to have all your properties on the same policy)
Just shop around. Most of the companies use lloyds of london and other insurers.
Great $uccess,

I’ve been using the following folks:

Kathy Dickens
Dubose and Associates


Linda Kamenicky
Eckert Insurance

Hopefully, they can help you out.

i am having problems trying to find a landlord policy. where do i find one?

First, I’ve found that a lot of companies are more eager to cover your rentals if you insure your home and/or vehicles with them, as well.

I’ve had GREAT success lately with Farmers. They’ve saved me as much as half to as little as about 15% on all of my rentals. And it’s for full replacement cost coverage, as opposed to the depreciation-type policies that a lot of companies use on rentals. They blew my previous homeowners and auto insurance rates out of the water, too!

Karla in Amarillo

Where are you located? I have a nationwide network of independent broker’s that can help/
I’ll gibe you some names if I know where your from!