landlord not paying the mortgages

I have a friend that is renting a townhouse from a management company
now for 2 months and it seems that the owner has not paid the Mortgages
in 6 months. They came today to change the locks and guy told her that
Wells Fargo did not know anyone was even living there.

They also told her she has 24 hours to get out after the court date on
the 19th she has another place but it is not ready until July 1st. Any
suggestion on how to stay until the new place is ready.


Yes, indeed:

All she needs to do is to move her stuff into storage and get a by-the-week motel room, or bunk with friends.

She’s only got 10 days to kill before the new place is ready.

She can also dig in her heels, refuse to move out and get an eviction filed on her that will ruin her credit for the next decade and make it extremely difficult to rent a decent place to live.

She’ll also have the sheriff throw her belongings into the street, where the local vultures will grab her stuff and run off with it.

Unfortunately, once the bank forecloses, the rental agreement is cancelled, and she has to go.

The management company probably doesn’t have any responsibility, but it is worth asking them for assistance. Maybe out of the goodness of their hearts, they can do something to help.

If your friend is lucky, the management company keeps all the deposits in escrow and your friend can get her deposit back.

If the deposit was forwarded to the owner, then it is gone forever.