Landlord May Have Walked Out :-(


I received an email last night about a family in desperate need of advice about something and they picked me to help them…

All they need to know is how can they find out if the property they’re renting is not in any danger of being foreclosed or BK?

The reason they want to know is because they’ve noticed that their landlord is not returning any of the calls and he (landlord) stopped making payments to his yard crew and newspaper delivery at the rental property… this family tells me they have lived at that property for 2 yrs with no problem but now all these service ppl are knocking at their doors requesting for payments for their services that they stopped getting from their landlord :o

Any advice on where this family can find out the financial status of this property?



That may prove difficult. If the foreclosure process has not been started it will not show up in county records.

Is their landlord the property owner or is he/she a manager?

Do they have any other contact information for the landlord or a property manager, etc.

From what they told me on the phone, they are renting straight from the owner, they have been mailing their rent payments straight to the owner so I guess there’s no middle person.
Only contact info they got is the landlord’s mailing address (which is out of town) and ph #
The property might not even be in any financial danger but they just want to make sure of it, but how?
And not have to wait around until is too late.

Pearl :wink:

first, keep making rent payments.

in Calif, the foreclosure process takes about 4months; plus if the property does get sold, they will have 30 days to move out.

they should not concern themselve to much with the situation as they have no control or influence. If it really bothers them, send 30 days notice (if they are month-to-month or no lease) and then just move!

Mike in Calif.

Thanks for the advice.
It appears that everything is okay from what the tenants told me last week.
It was just a “carelessness” act from the landlord’s side :o