Landlord Investors? Is there such a thing??

I am looking for an investor to buy my property at payoff amount -$107,000. It is not necessarily a property to be “flipped” as it has already been upgraded on the basics. However, it would be prime rental property as it is close to a college, close to the hospital, close to shopping, and close to downtown, businesses, and main avenues. It has terrific characteristics like a large backyard with a privacy fence, low maintenance grounds, fireplace, vaulted ceiling, etc. So is there such a thing out there as an investor in the market for a great rental property? This particular property will also probably be bought out commercially in the future as the area is growing rapidly and businesses are sprouting up all around this property.
Am I looking for something nonexistent??


A rental property is considered part of an investors "Portfolio" as it would be retained as part of a group!

You say you are willing to let property go for the “Payoff Amount” of $107k, so what is the property actually worth?

How many square feet? How many bedrooms? How many baths? Formal living and dining rooms? Den? What kind of heating and cooling?
What year built? Utility room? Basement? City sewer? What is the property zoned?

Are you willing to finance? (Let someone wrap or pay against your note?)

There are lots of portfolio investors out there!