Landlord insurance policy? Personal name? or Corp/LLC name?

Landlord insurance policy.

Do you have it in your personal name? or Corp/LLC name?

Does a claim affect all your polices? or just that single policy?

Our LLC owns the property. The insurance is in the name of the LLC. Each property has its own policy.

My properties are in my name (only because the mortgage company would not let me transfer the mortgages to my LLC). Each property has it’s own policy. A claim only effects a single property. I also carry an umbrella policy just in case a tenant or individual gets hurt on one of my properties.


I own a property and have an insurance policy with the name of myself… I think if you own a property then that should be your in the legal documentation. SO that you may get the insurance when you will face an accident or you want to claim.

Yes, I have the landlord insurance policy with my own name and it is necessary that you take landlord insurance before renting a home to the tenant as to avoid future risk. So that I also suggest you to take landlord insurance policies.