Landlord friendly state

Hi everyone,

I need to find out which states are landlord friendly.

I heard CA is tenant friendly (rent control). Texas is the only landlord friendly state (quick eviction).

Thanks for any and all replies.

Oregon and Washington seem to be very reasonable with regard to property owners. Arizona too.

California is exactly the opposite. The government here likes to make it very difficult for people who work hard, pay their taxes, and own things and build wealth.

If you are talking landlord against tenants — not many! The tenant usually has all the rights. That’s not a bad thing unless you are a landlord. Arizona has an easy eviction process if you consider that friendly. :slight_smile:

everybody complains about their state being pro-tenant. fact is most landlords get themselves into trouble because they don’t know the laws and do stupid stuff. These usually result in them being trouble and/or in the case of eviction, getting to start the process over while your tenant lives for free.

BTW, Calif is NOT rent controled; only a few specific areas that probably make up 1% of the rental inventory of the entire state. Also, from a 3 day pay or quit notice, I can have you deadbeat butt on the curb in 30days. Been there, done that.

Mike in Calif. (operating in other states as well)

Idaho seems to be pretty good…

Generally speaking:

Red states - good
Blue states - bad

It has a lot to do with the liberalism of the lawmakers.


If Mass isn’t the most difficult state for landlords then I don’t know what state is…then again it might just seem that way since neighboring CT is so much more landlord friendly.

As per the my point of view Texas has been pro-landlord.

Texas kicks butt!! You can evict a tenant, to the curb, in 20 days if done right.

“Hook em horns!”

I have tenants in Texas and Virginia and by
far the easiest state to deal with deadbeat
tenants is Texas.

Now I believe (without having done my homework)
that any state can be a landlords ali if your contracts
are all legit and non contestable by the tenant.

For instance, I have my tenants agree to a 1 day,
not a 3 Day Notice To Vacate in the original lease
agreement. Once that’s over, I hit them with an
Immediate Posession Bond, that they and most
investors know nothing about. After they scratch
their heads for a few days, it’s over!

No trial, no hassle.

Your contract with a tenant is what the court will
look at. As long as your rules don’t “shock the conscience”
of the judge you’ll be fine