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Landlord posts drugs and sex for sale 24/7

Where can I get one of those signs? I LIKE IT!


That sucks.

I hate to say it but if you own multiple properties in low-income bad neighborhoods, it is inevitable, you will have drug use inside your apartments. It doesn’t matter how well you screen.

we have went into condos rented by absolutly great tenants and saw signs or drug use, I have even been asked by tenants if I want to buy drugs before.

But hanging a big sign on the property isn’t the best way to get that out of your neighborhood. It is tough to clean up a neighborhood!!! hanging a sign isn’t the best way, it just hurts everyone, tenants and property owners.

I think the point of the sign was to attract press attention and shine a light on the problem which was being ignored by the police and the city. Based on the attention this sign is getting, I would say that it was a great success. Being in the rental business often means working with (or against) the city to get things straightened up. It often takes a little sunshine on city hall to get them to act.

As an example, I recently had a convicted felon that wouldn’t stop hanging around the Pink Elephant (my latest apartment building). This guy was dangerous; had been arrested well over 100 times (175 times as I recall); had previously assaulted police officers; and had been recently been carrying a handgun. I called the police and had him arrested for criminal trespass. I was called as a witness at the trial, but after sitting in the courtroom for about 15 minutes, the prosecutor called me aside to tell me that the criminal was being released after only 15 days. To make a long story short, I was furious and wrote a scathing Letter to the Editor and contacted members of the city council. The criminal was arrested again the next day and has been locked up every since! Just a little sunshine did the trick!