Landlord association in Austin?

Is there a landlord association in Austin? If so, can anyone tell me what their website and phone number are?

Look up the Texas Apt. Association. I believe it’s on 5th or 6th street. Membership is around $250 a year, and supposedly well-worth it.

I’m going downtown to find it tomorrow, myself, to sign up.

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It turns out that the TAA is on 12th and Rio Grande. However, they won’t take your money or give you a membership. You need to go sign up via your city’s affiliate… which in this case, is on Medical Parkway, near 40th street, by the Austin Realtors Board. (Across the street).

Also found out that you can’t use the forms from Austin if you’re renting out units that are in another city.

Thanks for your post.

I have only 1 condo in Autin for rent.I am seeking for apartment lease contract form by TAA. No intention to join TAA since I have only 1 property for lease.
Can you kindly advice me where do i get the form?