How can I find some good land 4 sale 50 acres or more, still priced as farm land. I work with a big investor group, that I will be part of each transaction. Let em know if anyone can help

Buy a farm? :biggrin

Seriously, what are your intentions? Are you looking to farm it, develop it, hold it?

I am a farmer and have a farm land and am currently buying about 2000 acres of more farm land ( at farm land price ). But while this deal happens to be 15 miles from our largest city in our state, most of what I deal in is “way out in the boonies”, and therefore has no shortterm strategy that will work except to farm it. Because it is priced at a value that makes money for a farmer, and isn’t based on speculation, however, the land tends to hold its value well, and slowly increase.


Also, what do you mean by good land. That goes with your intentions. My idea of good land has to do with the soil and rainfall, or with the location for potential development.

it would help if you specify WHERE

I work in Edmonton. We are currently working in a Town called Redwater. Redwater is a booming oil town, its for this reason we have bought close to 1200 acres of land to be developed into residential & commercial projects etc.

The best way to strategically buy land is to buy farm land in the immediate path of development.

A few things to keep in mind:

  1. Is this land in close proximity to services ( Water, Sewer Etc). When developing land, it is very important to keep the front end close low. If you buy farm land very far way from services,your front end cost could run in the millions.
  2. Is the land in the immediate path of development
  3. Buy farm land with really long closings. (2-3 years) In that time land prices due to other development appreciates the land value thereby allowing you to either (a) flip the land to a developer (b) develop the land.