Land Trust

Do you know some body who can help me with a land trust in Socal, I’ve been talking to some lawyers, but they are not very familiar with this, no even with the term “Land Trust”. I think in some other states it is more common, but not in California.

This subject has been beat to death. Look it up by using the search function.

If your attorney doesn’t know what a land trust is call another one, one that has done one before.

I’ve talked to seven RE attorneys and they don’t know anything about it. At least in socal.

Try getting referrals from your local real estate investment club.

consider the following resource:

based in San Diego…

this is NOT my website, but I have taken the land trust training from Ward Hanigan who runs the site. It is excellent.

I concur with aak5454. Ward is an excellent source of information. You may consider his other classes as well depending on your needs.