land trust recording

well im finally doing what I should and putting all of my properties in separate land trusts. Im singing all the paperwork today.

My question…
What documents do I need to file at the court house. I am doing a quit claime to the trust so I know ill need to file that. Do I need to file anything else or is that it?

Thanks in advance.

Hi Guy,

The ONLY document that gets filed is a grant deed (I don’t use a quitclaim deed) from you to your Trustee – that’s it. Hopefully you named a prof. non-profit corp as your trustee and didn’t make the mistake of naming yourself or your corp.

Your trustee takes title and that finalizes the creation of the land trust. You are a 100% beneficiary in each trust. Now you can manage the trust as you see fit.

Best of luck to you.

Da Wiz

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