Land Trust or LLC?

I started investing in SFH rental properties 5 years ago and have accumulated 5 properties, all in Wisconsin. All five properties are held in a living trust. I’m looking to shield myself against any potential liability. I would like to transfer the properties into an LLC (prefer series LLCs but Wisconsin does not do this), problem is that if I transfer title, my bank will call-in the mortgages (all are fannie mae). I’m looking for away around this without having to refinance, I have pretty low interest rate that hate to lose. Is there any way I can move the properties into a LLC with losing the mortgages? If not, are Land Trusts a possible way?

Any advice would be appreciated.

Overtly using entities for this purpose is illegal.

There’s no way, but it is unlikely the bank will call the mortgage if they find out.

Land trusts will help the transfer, but the liability protection is zero if you use standard agreements. It may be possible to structure a land trust in such a way to provide liability protection with advanced planning. Business trusts may be another option.


Thanks for your reply. I’m new to this forum and have just been browsing th rough previous replies regarding my subject. I think I got my answers.

What a great forum for RE info!