Land Trust in Texas

I am looking to close on my first real estate deal in two weeks. I will be rehabbing a property and holding for rental or selling upon completion of rehab. I wanted to place into a Land Trust. However, I want to know if any of you have done so in Texas. If I were to put my primary residence into a Land Trust, could that trigger a due on sale clause?

Just trying to understand :eyes

From what I understand putting a Property into a land trust NULLS the due on sales clause, makes it unusable, unless you pass on the trust to another. I’m no expert, just a learner like you with a couple of Ron Legrand courses, also about to make my first deal.

I hear though some caution about using the land trust in Texas, speaking with certain closing agents in Austin I hear its not well looked upon by IRS in this state and they will not close them due to the potential for fraud. Who knows. If anyone does out there, I’d love to hear…


Thanks, NT? where is that?