Land Trust Agreement provided to Title co

Hi all,

I am new to the forums; however I have been investing in RE for more than 40 years.

Okay, to my question.

Has anyone ever had their attorney provide a copy of the Land Trust Agreement to the Title Company, completely un-redacted? My attorney just did this without consulting me. When I told the attorney how angry I was, I was told the title co had to, “protect their interests.” I have always taken a copy of the Trust Agreement to closing, with the names of the beneficiaries redacted; however, this just defeated the purpose of the trust.

Any comment or advise is greatly appreciated

Rename and record a new land trust with the names redacted.

The only documents people pay attention to are the ‘last recorded documents’

Don’t use the same name for the trust, or the same contact information. Change it all up. It will appear that a 3rd party is the new trustee/owner, etc.

The attorney should redo this all for FREE. Don’t have the title company do the recording. Have the attorney do this, or you do it.

Hope that helps.