land contract conerns

A friend of mine entered into a land contract, paying 15,000 down, but as time has went by asbestos and lead was found in the house after her 4 year old sons lead level went sky high. The people who did the land contract had to known about the dangers inside. She is now trying to figure a way to get out of the danger, for her sons safety. She does have a receipt for the money paid down, is she entitled to the return of her money back?Or what should she do I’m as worried about the situation as she is, so please if someone has any answer on how to help her and get back the money she paid on this dangerous home, it would be very much appreciated so we can get thier lives back in order and she’ll stop stressing over the situation. Thank you

Its required by law that a sale of a home built before 1978, that the sellers should have given them the Lead Paint Pamphlet and Disclosure. Get a Lawyer.herbster

Did she receive Lead Paint Disclosure at the time of purchase?

She can contact a RE Attorney, Negotiate with the seller to make the repairs needed, or she can fix the problem herself.

Lead base paint issues can be resolved, if she just trying to get out and get her money, then it goes down to did she get a disclosure and the court system as far as I know, but I am not an attorney.

My tenants are all given the “Lead Paint Disclosure”. Are you other landlords doing that too?

Any cases recently back East of kids eating paint in rental housing?