Land Banking

Hey guys i havent been posting much due to school taking up alot of time but i have a question on land banking. Say I bought a property and now the land right next to it is getting developed for a supermarket( For example a super walmart) I want to sell it to walmart so what would be the steps i would need to take in order to successfully complete this deal? I would appreciate help from people who have knowledge and maybe even have been in a situation like this. Thanks

Good luck, hopefully you’ll get the deal done. My cousins used to own a farm near me that happens to be on a main road. A few years back they sold off the land across the street from the farmstand to Walmart and made a cool $2.6 million off the deal (free and clear, the property was in the family for over 100 yrs). Now where the farmstand once was they are building a large strip mall (somewhere around 85-90,000sq/ft). Wish I was getting a cut. :frowning: Just make sure you are getting what it’s worth, Walmart is a hugely profitable company and can afford to pay you a good chunk for that property, don’t let them lowball you. :slight_smile: