Land-Auction in NY

I am new at this but there is a land auction on April 24 I would like to attend. If there is anyone familar with this I would like to know what I should be doing ?
I would appreciate any information before I go and the to do’s and not to do!!

Thanks alot!!

Need more info

what type of auction is it? Tax sale?
what do you want to do with the land if you get it?

That is what I would like to know. THe land was posted in the newpaper and the land is all over America. I would like a piece of land for now for invesment. to be able to flipp. My Friend is in Florida and she bought land in Dec and sold it two weeks ago for a profit. I am in Ny and can not look at land in Florida right now because of physical location.

Should I be only looking at land that has paved road.
Tell me if I am about to make a mistake.
I would like to go to the auction and see how to purchase.

Thanks again.

Why don’t ya just go and see how it works - ya don’t have to buy anything, but ya might learn something. Typically they would give ya a list of what’s available beforehand. If it’s close to me, maybe i’ll go