Lance young

How To Buy Foreclosure & Probate Houses Dirt-Cheap With A $10 Deposit…Then Turn Around And ‘Flip’ Them Immediately For Instant Profits by Lance Young.

Is this course any good?

It must be. I’ve never heard of it and those who are making millions off it don’t want you to know about it.


thanks, thats all somebody had to say.

Here’s what John T. Reed has to say about him :slight_smile:

Lance Young—Unknown
Probate guy. Use my Real Estate B.S. Artist Detection Checklist to evaluate this guru.

Good luck,

John T. Reed, a.k.a. John Reed, Jack Reed, 342 Bryan Drive, Alamo, CA 94507, 925-820-7262, Email:

Not that I think much of John T Reed. He hasn’t even written anything about Cash yet, so what the heck does he know?