Lance Edwards

hey guys. i just wanted to ask if any1 ever bought the Lance Edwards starters kit?
and if so are you willing to sell it?
it seems like it has a lot of information but the price is pretty high!

Never heard of him, but his website tells me I want to hold onto my wallet. Bootcamps, secret sauce for getting rich, blah, blah, blah. . .

Agreed, boot camps and secret sauce are just code words for I’m just interested in your money. Start going to local reia meetings and get to know the successful investors. The best way to gain their friendship is to prove yourself by continually showing up to the meetings, bringing potential deals that you need help with. It’s not easy but if your serious and show you are a hard worker, you will find great people who want to help you out. Those are not boot camp secret sauce people.

Hopefully that made sense

Did you ever get the Lance Edwards System? I’d like to know your thoughts.

I used to recommend the same thing you have. However, I’ve lost count (literally) of the people that told me that REI clubs have few producers, and the ones who are, have got their clique of “mutually beneficial” friends and lead generators, and don’t have time, or patience, to babysit newbies, or educate newbies on what a deal actually looks like.

So, I don’t give that advice anymore.

The better way is to buy some organized training, just like the professionals do, and then start putting that to work in a systematic fashion.

After that, the questions from the 20,000 ft level, become much more sophisticated, and interesting for the successful investors to answer.

But bugging a pro for basic information, like how do I “convince a seller to accept a lease/option/sub2/land contract/???” is the fastest way to become an unwelcome nuisance.

One of my successful ‘information marketer’ friends shared something quite interesting about the way he markets his information.

He said he learned to deliberately sift out the critics and the skeptics with both his ad copy, and offer framing, because they were mostly the ‘something for nothing/refund shoppers’ that would take up his time, and waste it, if not cost him money.

Evidently, some of us skeptics and critics here have been successfully sifted out of someone’s marketing funnel.

I guess that’s called, “Win/Win!”


Me too, haven’t heard of that yet. I even tried to search that online, but I haven’t found any.