laminate flooring and kitchen cabinets

Hey all,

Do I install my kitchen cabinets and then install my hardwood laminate or is it the other way around?


Cabinets first, then flooring. Will also need quarter round for where the floor meets the cabinet.


I would do the flooring first if the room is empty…Just curous as to why you would do it the other way?

Yes the kitchen is empty. Were gonna do the flooring first then put the cabs in.


If it is a “floating” hard wood laminate and you put the cabinets over top of the flooring you could cause some issues with the floor not being able to float properly. Another issue is that the 30 or 40 square feet of flooring costs anywhere from $2 to $5 a square foot and it is lost profit. I do put cabinets over vinyle flooring because you don’t have as many corners to cut and you typically pay by the width and any extra flooring would go to waste anyway.
My 2 cents worth. Good luck!

Yes I agree with NDI, We install carpet and vinly and it is better to put it in before you put in the cabinets.As for laminate I wouldn’t wast the money.Id put the cabnets in first.Just my 2 cents too.Michele

Good thoughts to all. My subcontractor and I went out and bought subflooring at Menards called “Luan” Were gonna put that down first and then put the laminate over that and then the cabinets. Its interesting that some people do it one way and then others do it a different way. I bought enough laminate to complete the entire kitchen and dining room so if anyone choses to move furniture or appliances the entire floor is completed with no cut outs. I’ve never done this before (ND Investor knows this :slight_smile: so I’m leaning on my sub (also best friend) to guide me thru it. He said that if we didn’t take the cabinets out then we would cut around them and make it work. But since they are out and the entire area is exposed then let’s get after it and complete it. I’m a rookie with all of this but I have to say things are going great and the best thing is that I’m on budget and the house should done by the end of the month.


Good points on both sides…I think there would be a lot less cutting and fitting if you put the floor down first. I just tiled a kitchen and I tiled just a little past where the cabinets would be so that the cabinets sit on them but there is not a lot of wasted tiles under the cabinets. Just make sure you shim the cabinets up level as needed.


i agree keith, when i do my laminate floors, i extend the flooring just past where the cabinets go, so that the cabinets sit on the floor. By doing it this way, you dont need to use the 1/4 round and can just put your Toe kick on after the cabinets are in. by doing it this way, it saves time, waste and doesnt cost you anymore money, plus it looks better. Also for the floating floor, its not going to make a difference with cabinets on top of that cuz there is not enough weight or friction to do harm the floor unless you screw your cabinets into the floor.