Lag Again...

This site has been freezing up on my something fierce. I can get to it in a decent amount of time, but then when I try to click on a topic it either takes forever to get there or totally freezes. This is the only site it happens to me on. Anybody else having this problem again?

Mine seems to be okay. :biggrin

I usually just close the browser and open a new one when that happens. Sounds like a problem related to “USER ERROR” :rolleyes :biggrin

LOL. I don’t think so Stevie… :smile


I am with you on this. Many times I either have to wait forever for the pages to load or completely refresh the browser.

I am using IE 7.0.5730.11 if that helps anyone.

I have yet to try using FireFox to see if the same issue exists. So Steve-O, definitely NOT user error.

I notice that the time clock is around 40 minutes slow. I bet the site server is just waiting for the clock to catch up to real time.

Yeah, the pages will time out before they finish loading. I’ve got high speed, and not too many other sites behave that way, which makes me jump to the conclusion that it is the website and not my computer.

I suspect that they don’t have enough computer power for the volume of use. But then again, I am not very techno oriented. I turn the key, it runs or it doesn’t. Beyond that, I am at a loss.

On the plus side, so far this site hasn’t lost any posts that I’ve written.

I have had a problem using Debian Etch, GNOME, Epiphany Browser (2.14.3-7) which would take forever to load when I logged in and pressed the submit button. It turned out for some reason it was loading the source code instead of the forum page. After a couple of times logging in, loading the source code and trying to log-in again, it worked fine. This was an intermittent problem. My solution (I know it’s a hack): Log-in forever.


It happens to me periodically as well using both Opera 9.23 and IE 7.