LA/Orange Investor/Contractor needed for unique scenario... selling 2 buying 1

Hi everybody…

I have a very unique situation that has become nearly impossible to find a solution to. I have been looking for a home in the 90808 Long beach area or Cypress and La Palma. It’s a small circle of where it must be because my father is handicap on a wheelchair and he needs minimal driving and to remain local to his doctors, etc.

My parents are still married and live in the same house since 1978 that is paid in full and could probably sell for 1.3mil. It’s in Cerritos Ca. and it is two story 2800sq ft. with a pool and spa. The downstairs has many handicap features such as a roll in wheelchair ramp built into the pool as well as an external harness lift for somebody in and out. Sliding door rail flips up for a flat roll out exit. Roll in shower. As well as ramps in garage and small living room. They are mid 60’s and it’s time for them to downsize to a one story for my mom to have her room next to his.

My situation… I own a home in La Palma Ca. that is a one story just under 1400sq ft. that I could probably sell for 690k. It has a very luxurious back yard with beautiful pool and glass fire bowls with waterfall and bbq/fridge. Just the whole works. I’ve done quite a bit of upgrades out front as well. Granite stone wall, IPE custom gates with white laminated windows to match the garage. Front door is same glass, full glass. Other features are surround sound airplay speakers throughout the whole house and a bunch of smart features basically. I open garage and unlock doors and play music or tv and turn on air or heater all through my phone. There are a few cameras around it including doorbell to communicate with anybody who visits. So there are many cool little features. Only owe 385k on it so there’s a good 300k equity in my house.

So, we have these two homes and we have been looking for one in the area mentioned above, that is single story without many steps as it needs to be handicap accessible along with a seperate back house like a Granny pad or whatever they call those. That would be for me of course. My mother needs my assistance in picking up my father when he falls and stuff so I’m just going to move with them but DEFINITELY need my seperate space.

What I am thinking is that finding one of the many investors in the area who buy old homes and fix them up to flip them… It would be great if we could get one fixed up how we need it and buy it complete from this investor. We just need the front unit to be 3 bds. 3 bths. with two master suites. One of those having a roll in shower and lower sink/mirror for my dad. My mothers suite would of course have her bath and walk in closet. The third bed would just be their spare/guest room for when my sister visits and of course they need a bathroom for any guests so they not having to use one of theirs. My unit just needs to be one bed one bath with a private entrance hopefully. Totally flexible on mine. It could even be a converted detached garage which, are very common in that area of long beach. Aside from that, just some grass… pool/jacuzzi would be nice but not mandatory. Just can’t have steps anywhere basically.

Sorry to ramble on… I’ll leave it at that as I’m sure you get the point. Working with an investor who would buy both of our homes and prepare a home just as we need it would be ideal so everything and everybody remains on same schedule and just simplifies everything. The transition from one home to the other for my father needs to be smooth as we can’t just camp out anywhere in limbo. If anybody on here is or knows of the many investors/contractors flipping homes in our area and could send me a referral I would greatly appreciate it!

Thank you so much!


 I'm interested and will send you a PM in the next few days! 


Please reach out to me if you haven’t gotten this done yet. I can assist.