L/O involving pets...

I have a tenant/buyer lined up for a Lease option. The only problem is that she and her boyfriend have a pitbull. They actually have 4 of them but already gave 2 away. She said that they will only bring one with them when they move in. How should I handle this? Am I allowed to tell them that I don’t want pets even though they are buying the home? I’m worried about the dog chewing up and damaging the home.

Tenants do not give away their pit-bulls. What tenants do is to lie and claim they have given away their pit-bulls and then they wait 1-2 weeks and smuggle the dogs into the house.

So if you accept these tenants, you will have 4 pit-bulls in your house this month and 6 pit-bulls in your house before next June, not counting the litter of 6 puppies.

There is a chance you will lose your insurance if your insurance agent sees a pit-bull living in your house. There is also a good chance that you will get sued if the pit-bull bites anyone.

I suggest that you reject this group and hold out for someone who owns a nice Labrador retriever.

Things got so bad with pitbulls around here that it’s now illegal to get one. If you owned one before the law went into effect you can keep it until it dies. But you can’t breed it and you can’t get another one.

Hmmm. . .a pit bull training school in my rental property. . .let me get back to you on that. . . :rolleyes

I don’t have a comment for you, but did want to address…

That is not true. My best friend who was renting gave away his (4). Matter of fact, I gave mine away. Well I wasn’t renting, but I did give away a beautiful, well mannered blue pit. Some people are lovers of the breed and couldn’t bare selling their pets.

I know this is not the place, but I just had to stand up for true Pitbull lovers. And I mean those who love and respect the breed, not the criminals like Vick!