L/O deal evaluation

Is there a standard forumula used to evaluate if acquiring properties through L/O. I know there is a 65 or70% rule for rehabs, but is there a similar type formula for L/O’s.

What’s are the variables used to evaluate Lease/Options?

Any input would be appreciated.

thanks in advance


Howdy David:

I used to believe that if i could break even with zero or little down it was a good deal. After losing everything I owned I no longer agreeeeee with that method. You need some equity. I was buying at retail and hoping they would go up in value. All real estate does not always go up in value all the time every time. A lot of stock holders used to believ the market and the dow would go up 20% per year too and it did for several years.

I would be more selective and find motivated sellers with equity. Either preforeclosures or folks moving and that are tired of making two payments etc. They do not all have to be slam dunk deals but ones that will cash flow for you. On the lower end properties under $50,000 I would expect $200 per month or so.

You may try Tim Randle’s course called Street Smart Sub 2. You could use the same strategy for L/O that he suggests for sub2 investing.

Hope this helps some.