L/O course?

Hello… Has anyone taken a L/O couse that really lives up to its promises? How about a L/O book that has info you can right now?



Although I am a firm believer in sub 2’s, I have purchased a course from Wendy Patton on lease options. It is my belief (take it for what it is worth for I have only done 7 deals myself) that if you are going to spend money on a course you need to get one on Sub 2. Alot more security for you. Best of luck. REI is the greatest thing that has happened to me and it will be for you too!


Was the Wendy Patton course worth it? I am close to purchasing it after I heard her speak here in Memphis.

She gives alot of good information as far as how to get your foot in the door but not enough info as far as making the transition from the buyer selling thier hoe to leasing there home. Also her forms are good. Once again I would recomend a sub 2 course though. Alot more security!

Thanks for the input.

What sub2 course would you recommend and why?

The one I bought I would not recomend. I had to learn alot myself through trial and error and my attourney(good thing he didnt charge me for every question that I asked, and continue to ask!). I have been told by multiple investors that John Cash Locke has the best course out there.

Good information about Sub 2, and I think that process is a tool every investor should have available to them, but don’t think it is the ONLY tool to use. Every deal does not lend itself to Sub 2.

I was hoping to find some information about Lease Options, have two houses to sell via L/O. Looking for advise.


$Cash$ is pretty informative in the Subject 2 method. Check out his profile and get on his website for more info!!!