Knowing you can do a deal!!!!!

Howdy All:

This is an addition to my earlier post about what is your excuse why you have not started investing and doing deals.;action=display;threadid=2539 This post is about the highest form of motivation and burning desire that a person can have. It is the knowing that a deal is going to happen no matter what. It is seeing it already taking place in your mind. You feel like it is yours and you know it is going to happen. Kind of like Luke Skywalker in Star Wars when the “force is with him”. Dr. Wayne Dyer explains this feeling in his books and tapes. It is so powerful of a feeling that nothing can stop you. I at this point feel like a magnet is connected to my head and anything that I need and know I can achieve just comes to me. I do not know how but it is just working. I need money to do a deal and it comes to me as if by magic. I just put a building under contract late last week and I know it is going to work. I do not know all the details yet like where the loan is going to come from or even the equity money that I need. I just know it is going to be there when I need it and under terms that are favorable to me. The deal is a no brainer at $5.50 per foot located in Corpus Christi, Texas. It is an almost vacant office warehouse that I can fix up and rent for at least $7500 per month at a total cost of $350,000 including renovation.

When I get this knowingness feeling I am in a super being state and nothing stops me. I have had this same feeling several times in the past and have been successful at each project. You may have the same feeling about some things in your life and it is really great. Perhaps it is a religion, spirit possessing me or whatever but it is not drugs or alcohol or anything like that. Nothing can stop me. I will succeed with this project. Can you get this motivated and know that you will be successful and start your real estate career and know you will achieve your goals then you are on your way for sure. I hope this is not too deep but I just felt like I had to get it on the forum to let folks know where I am coming from and the deep feeling I have about keeping motivated and on target and never give up. Wow this stuff is powerful. If you get a chance get some of Dr Dyer’s literature or his CD’s, here is the link He has made me more aware of what I can achieve. I give much thanks to my dad for turning me on to him and also for all his love and support.

Way to go, Ted. That is where I want to be as I am still beset with doubts. Good luck to you and may good fortune and a good fortune come your way.

Hi Ted,

Thanks so much for the motiviation and very inspiring words! I needed that!! I read this forum every day, and others too, but mostly have learned the most from this one, am constantly reading REI books and getting my hands (and eyes) on whatever FREE information I can grab online. This is my passion…heck, lately it has become an obsession with me! I have not done my first deal as of yet, but I can totally relate to some of your descriptions…I can almost visualize it happening, and from there continuing on to bigger and better things!

I still am not clear on one thing though…is it possible to invest with no money and not good credit? I hear conflicting stories… I am in the process of cleaning up my credit myself, and I know it will take about a year’s time. But, I don’t want to wait until then to get some experience with investing!

Thanks so much for this forum, and ALL that I have learned,

Howdy CaliInvestor:

It can be done. Start out birddogging and or wholesaling and then doing small deals on your own. I actually started with a $37,500 rent house that I got with ZERo down and no credit check. All I had to do was paint the house for the down stroke. It was owner finance on a contract for deed. If I still had that house it would have about $60,000 equity for me.

Now I am networking and partnering and borrowing my way to doing deals. Not every deal is a home run but I made $100,000 on the last one to help make up for some of the ones that are dragging out. I am under contract on a 30,000 foot office warehouse where I am borrowing the money from a HML and the equity money I need I am getting from other investors. I am paying 14% for the hard money and 18% per quarter for the equity money but it will still cash flow and should make me $200,000 if I decide to sell it or if I can refinance I can pull out $100,000 and still have a positive cash flow of $2500 per month. I may even be able to get the $200,000 and sell it and still own 50% by forming a partnership. I love being able to make choices like that. I am doing this deal with $500 earnest money and $1000 in appraisal money that I too borrowed from a friend. If I can do this deal with no money and horrible credit you guys should be able to at least start something some how some way.